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Not the Serenity Prayer

With my thanks to, The Great Spirit, and Idle no More, this is not the Serenity Prayer as I recall it:

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24 hours to ban Bayer’s bee poison

It is nearly 50 years since Rachel Carson wrote here seminal book Silent Spring. Why are we humans so stupid that we do not learn even the most basic of lessons? It is time to put the environmental protection before … Continue reading

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The Sceptics’ Creed

For this spoof of the Anglican version of the Nicene Creed I apologise to all those who Altman a sense of humour: ———- [All stand] We believe in some gods, like Professor Ian Plimer, writer of ‘Heaven and Earth’, of … Continue reading

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Please help save the Ecuadorian Jaguar…

…and the Amazon jungle; and stop Ecuador’s President from being a total hypocrite! This courtesy of Avaaz: ———– Dear friends, There is one area of the Ecuadorian Amazon that is so pristine that the whole ecosystem has been preserved and … Continue reading

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Greenpeace big splash in the Daily Telegraph

Latest email from Greenpeace: We’re making headlines. Our ad – which 1,269 amazing Greenpeace supporters helped pay for – has made a splash in the Telegraph, Britain’s most widely-read broadsheet. We’re also hoping to get the ad printed in the … Continue reading

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End ecocide in Europe (and the World)

I am not sure what good it will do unless the whole World decides to stop self-harming as well but… If you live in the EU please sign-up here to help stop ecocide in Europe (thanks Pendantry). ———————————- One way … Continue reading

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Moisture + Cold Air => Snow

I just want to pre-empt the almost inevitable piece of journalistic garbage – by Christopher Booker, James Delingpole, Melanie Phillips, David Rose, or whoever – suggesting that the current snowy weather in the UK proves that global warming is not … Continue reading

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