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Troubling times indeed

This mini-post has been prompted by a recent post on, entitled Troubling Times. I often wish I were not so well-informed because, whereas power without knowledge is very dangerous, knowledge without power is very frustrating. However, as Leonardo Di … Continue reading

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The two most terrifying graphs ever?

2016 is on track to be the warmest year on planet Earth since reliable records have been kept; and comes at the end of the warmest ever decade. ¬†Furthermore, if and when the World’s under-developed economies get their industrial pollution … Continue reading

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Corporate interests lean on YouTube to delete Lego-Shell video

But Greenpeace UK will just keep re-posting it… Here is the latest email from their Head of Arctic Campaigns, Ben Ayliffe: ———- Hi Rick, I think we might have offended someone. This morning we were shocked to learn that our … Continue reading

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Please help save the African elephant

Are humans a plague upon the Earth? When I read stufff like this (from Avaaz), I find it hard not to feel ashamed of what our species is doing to this planet. ———- Dear friends, African elephants could go extinct … Continue reading

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Why do our politicians not act on IPCC advice?

I am hereby delighted to invite all my readers to indicate (by voting on a question [on the Survey Monkey website] that I have created) why they think our politicians continue to fail to respond effectively to the increasingly stark … Continue reading

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How many more must die because of climate change denial?

Warmer oceans cause more evaporation; leading to more moisture in the atmosphere more of the time. This results in more frequent storms of greater intensity than before. This email from Greenpeace therefore needs no further introduction from me: ————————— Dear … Continue reading

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UK looks likely to back the wrong horse

Sad to say it but, having reached cross-party consensus and implemented the Climate Change Act in 2008, the UK has now: — failed to honour the promise this contained; — failed to listen to the advice of its own scientific … Continue reading

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