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Managing climate risks to well-being and the economy

The Adaptation Sub-Committee of the Committee on Climate Change has today published its 2014 progress report. The report considers preparedness to climate change in England related to major infrastructure, business, public health and emergency planning. It also provides an update … Continue reading


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A riotous assembly of data leads to a ground breaking conclusion

Or should that have been: ‘Ground-breaking data leads to riotous conclusion’…? One of the incidental benefits of being a Fellow of the Geological Society and a Chartered Geologist is that I get the society’s monthly Geoscientist magazine. This month’s edition … Continue reading

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I’m sorry but – this will happen

Just over seven months ago, I posted an item about the near-term probability of a catastrophic eruption of the Katla volcano on Iceland. Today, sadly, I think I have discovered that this might not be the worst natural disaster in … Continue reading

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Life is full of tough choices…

…but this isn’t one of them. Or is it? The trouble is, of course, that removing all the subsidies and tax breaks given to the fossil fuel industry (which are delaying the creation of a free market in power generation) … Continue reading

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Not the Serenity Prayer

With my thanks to 350.org, The Great Spirit, and Idle no More, this is not the Serenity Prayer as I recall it:

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I would go to DC if I could

Sorry, 350.org, I have a slight geographic impediment; it is commonly known as the North Atlantic Ocean. If you have no such geographic barriers preventing you from going to the event, please sign-up here.

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Music for 21 December 2012

Following on from yesterday’s post of an R.E.M. classic (It’s The End Of The World As We Know It), here is more of my choice of music inspired by the fact that the World is NOT going to end today… … Continue reading

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Is it the end of the World as we know it?

No it is not; but thanks to R.E.M. for the inspiration! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0GFRcFm-aY

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Hello World (well, about 50% of it so far)!

When you start getting visits from people in places like Saint Lucia, Djibouti, and the Faroe Islands – you are surely entitled to feel pleased with your geographical reach? However, given the subject of this blog, I am particularly pleased … Continue reading

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Who owns the rain that falls from the sky?

I must thank fellow-blogger Paul Handover for alerting me to – and not posting on his own Learning from Dogs blog – the strange and disturbing real-life story of a man in Oregon who has been sent to jail for … Continue reading

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