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Like farting in an elevator…

David Archibald is wrong on so many levels..! (Thanks to Candian comedian Stewart Francis for the inspiration) On the 1 July 2012, Mr David Archibald (a well-known Australian climate contrarian) gave a speech to a public rally in Sydney organised … Continue reading

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Is there intelligent life on Earth?

I have signed-up as part of Bill McKibbin’s Social Media Team and, as such, have received my first mission objective – to share with you some important facts (numbers) that Bill thinks we should all be aware of… But … Continue reading

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Yet more Hockey Sticks to get rid of

Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere This is Figure 1.4 on page 6 of David MackKay’s book, Sustainable Energy: Without The Hot Air (2008). David MacKay has been criticised for a number of things including over-simplification but, as he makes clear … Continue reading

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Montford – forget Hockey. Stick to maths!

This is re-posted from my old Earthy Issues blog on the MyTelegraph website last year. ——— Andrew Montford, the author of Hockey Stick Illusion, is a Chemistry graduate of St Andrews University, a practicing professional Chartered Accountant, and the creator … Continue reading

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Pythagoras and plate-spinning for fake sceptics

I could have called this post ‘Algebra and Art in the service of Anti-Science’ but, let’s be honest, you would not have had a clue what I was on about; and would have been much less likley to read on. … Continue reading

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Join the Shell Disloyalty Club

Greenpeace UK are organising public protests at Shell fuel stations all around the country and, yesterday, they even succeeded in getting a polar bear arrested in Edinburgh: Shell is about to start drilling for oil in the Arctic. They plan … Continue reading

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“Population as a problem is over…” (?)

So said Tim Worstall (author of Chasing Rainbows: Economic Myths, Environmental Facts [2010]) on this bIog last October, after I dared to criticise his Prometheanism (i.e. the belief that human ingenuity – rather than nature’s bounty [Cornucopianism] – will enable … Continue reading

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