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Jeremy and Piers Corbyn – ‘Brothers at Odds’

Here in the UK, the Labour Party has, almost by accident, just voted in the most overtly and unashamedly socialist leader since Michael Foot over 30 years ago. As such, 66-year old Jeremy Corbyn, has already managed to upset many … Continue reading

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Seeing Jesus as a revolutionary heretic

Although it has nothing whatsoever to do with the Environment, I would like to mark the Jewish festival of the Passover – and the Christian celebration of Easter – by inviting all readers to pause for a moment of reflection: … Continue reading

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The imprudence of being earnestly Oakwood

I concluded yesterday’s post, entitled ‘The importance of being earnestly wrong’, by quoting a wonderfully circular argument from Oakwood. This was the assertion that “…you cannot show any one of these [opinions] to be inaccurate, except by appealing to ‘the … Continue reading

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Are we all Britain haters now?

Here in the UK, the Daily Mail has got itself a lot of publicity for printing an article last Saturday entitled “Man Who Hated Britain”. The article was about the late father of Ed Milliband, who is the current leader … Continue reading

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Conservatives for conservation (of a habitable planet)

Whilst I am aware of – and have previously quoted – Lord Deben (i.e. leader of of the Committee on Climate Change – the advisory group David Cameron and George Osborne are ignoring so studiously), I was not aware of … Continue reading

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Lack of perspective

I have referred to St Augustine of Hippo before, to highlight the folly of invoking conspiracy theory rather than dealing with nature of reality. However, even though they have little to do with the theme of this blog, I hope … Continue reading

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Science Denial Alive and Well Among Policy Makers and Right Wing Heroes

Originally posted on Climate Denial Crock of the Week:
Delaware Newszap: GEORGETOWN – Sussex County Council members are not on the same wave length regarding the debatable issue of sea level rise. At the May 7 council meeting, Susan Love,…

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Who says the Bible is irrelevant?

Please do not worry that I am suddenly turning all Evangelical on you. Far from it. I just cannot get over how relevant the following words seem. They were written by former Pharisaic Jew, Saul – known to Christians as … Continue reading

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The dustbin of failed evolutionary experiments?

Once again, as I did in my previous post, I must credit xraymike79 as the source of the title for this offering, as it also featured in the quotation from his recent post. For ease of reference, however, here is … Continue reading

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The Sceptics’ Creed

For this spoof of the Anglican version of the Nicene Creed I apologise to all those who Altman a sense of humour: ———- [All stand] We believe in some gods, like Professor Ian Plimer, writer of ‘Heaven and Earth’, of … Continue reading

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