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A brief history of climate change ‘scepticism’

Here is my attempt to make sense of the academic literature categorising the rhetorical positions adopted by climate change ‘sceptics’. However, please note that the term ‘sceptic’ is used solely for convenience: Given that the totality of post-industrial climate change … Continue reading


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Disgraceful Volkswagen caught putting profit before planet

I can barely believe it. One of Germany’s best-value exports (i.e. in the non-luxury end of the car market) has been caught faking the CO2 emission test data on its diesel cars in the USA (and, it has subsequently emerged, … Continue reading

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Jeremy and Piers Corbyn – ‘Brothers at Odds’

Here in the UK, the Labour Party has, almost by accident, just voted in the most overtly and unashamedly socialist leader since Michael Foot over 30 years ago. As such, 66-year old Jeremy Corbyn, has already managed to upset many … Continue reading

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From Noah to Nordhaus via Inhofe

US Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) is a climate change sceptic primarily because he believes God has promised not to flood the Earth again; and the rainbow in the sky tells him it must be true. Such ideologically-driven wilful blindness is … Continue reading

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