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I think April Fool’s Day just came early!

What an unbelievable week in British politics this has been. No matter how much time was allowed, I do not think that, even with the combined efforts of script-writing teams for all the political comedies on UK television, it would … Continue reading

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Another open letter to James Delingpole

James Delingpole is almost as difficult to engage in debate as Lord Monckton; but not quite – at least I have had several exchanges of emails with Monckton. His Lordship may be equally as fond of facile sarcasm but at … Continue reading

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Global Weirding and Optimism Bias

Last night’s Horizon programme on BBC TV was entitled ‘Global Weirding’. I had not heard of this term before but, apparently, it was not just dreamt up by the programme producers in a moment of appalling uncreativity. The negative review … Continue reading

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Will the true Messiah please stand up?

      Where is a Messiah when you really need one?         The USA may not be the World’s sole super power – or at least not to the extent it once was – but we … Continue reading

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The Obamanation that causes desolation

As readers will have surmised from yesterday’s post, I am not a fan of the anti-intellectual and ideologically-driven irrationality of the Tea Party movement that has currently hijacked the Republican Party in the USA. Hopefully, soon someone will pay the … Continue reading

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The seven woes of the Tea Party

Rick Santorum recently suggested that climate scientists are like Pharisees but, as many others have pointed out – as they always were and will be – the real Pharisees today are ultra Conservative politicians! As such, by uttering such an … Continue reading

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On the subject of Professional Ethics

What appears below is a somewhat surprising exchange of emails I had on Thursday (22 March) with Ms Christine McEntee, the Executive Director of the AGU: Whilst I wish her well in all her endeavours, it would seem that they … Continue reading

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