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What a Year that was (for Greenpeace and the Planet)

Most recent Email received from Greenpeace: ——– Hi Rick, 2013 was undisputably the year of the Arctic, and if you skip to the end of this email, you’ll find a link to a film that relives some of the highlights. … Continue reading

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A Card for all Reasons (as opposed to ‘A Man for all Seasons’)

Dear Readers (new and old), In the hope that I may hereby cater for all possible tastes, 3 electronic Christmas cards are appended below: theological; geopolitical; and personalised. I trust that at least one of the attached will be appreciated. … Continue reading

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Will Gazprom give the Russian Arctic an amnesty?

This news just in from Greenpeace: ———– Dear supporter, Prepare yourself for some great news: The Arctic 30 have been granted amnesty by the Russian parliament!! This means the legal action by Russia against the Arctic 30 can come to … Continue reading

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Please remind Shell that Lloyds think Arctic drilling is bad

Lloyds of London have warned that fossil fuel exploration of the Arctic will damage an important ecosystem. With that in mind, here is the latest email I have received from Greenpeace: Dear supporter, Any moment now, Gazprom will pump the … Continue reading

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BBC Panorama on the Energy Crisis in the UK

The BBC have very helpfully posted the recent Panorama programme ‘Energy Bills: Power Failure’ on YouTube (as embedded below). Presented by Tom Heap (who regularly does spots on CountryFile), it is very fair-minded and includes contributions from a wide range … Continue reading

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The birth of climate change scepticsim was foretold

I started the year with The Sceptics’ Creed – based on the statement of faith recited every week in many churches. In a similar vein, then, here is the birth of Climate Change Scepticism as (not) foretold in the Bible … Continue reading

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A tribute to Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)

On the TV news today, there was video footage of some 10 year olds in a British primary school being told by their headteacher that Mandela was probably “the greatest human being to have lived in your lifetime”. I think … Continue reading

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