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Happy Easter from Exxon

(via on Facebook – an Exxon pipeline in Arkansas has just spilled 165,000 gallons of toxic tar sands.)

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Irreversible but not yet unstoppable

With regard to ongoing climate change, this is currently an important distinction. However, as highlighted by Joe Romm on the Think Progress website on 17 March 2013, it is not one that will always be true. With the author’s kind … Continue reading

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This is what water scarcity will look like

With my thanks to for alerting me to this piece of news: As reported in the Washington Post newspaper recently, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is warning that by 2030 nearly half the world’s population could be facing a scarcity … Continue reading

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You know we’re in trouble when…

…The Sunday Telegraph starts advocating polices that will accelerate anthropogenic climate disruption (ACD). Two days ago, one of Britain’s oldest and most-respected broadsheet newspapers decided to shred the last few bits of credibility it might have had by publishing an … Continue reading

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Why we will probably fail to prevent catastrophe

Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland, was interviewed by offbeat TV presenter Eddie Mair on The Andrew Marr Show yesterday on BBC1. Salmond’s comments about energy policy highlight the intellectual incoherence and dishonesty to which our politicians are driven by … Continue reading

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A cornucopia of Prometheanism

This post has been prompted by an exchange of comments I have been having with Patrice Ayme – on my previous post (i.e. here) – that I feel deserves wider exposure and/or appreciation. However, if you have not the faintest … Continue reading

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Memo to Osborne, Merkel, Cyprus and the World

Dear George Osborne, Chancellor Merkel, EU Commission, Citizens of Cyprus, and people everywhere, I would like to hereby remind you of what Richard Heinberg said in his book The End of Growth. Here is a quick audio-visual summary: Please … Continue reading

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Who wants cleaner cars in the EU then?

With apologies for the delay, here is the latest email received from Greenpeace: ————— Hi Rick, Right now, we have a huge chance to help save the Arctic. To tackle the threats posed by the disappearing ice and the invasion … Continue reading

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Try not to be dogmatic about this

‘The Science Delusion’ by Rupert Sheldrake I was rummaging around on the blog of someone who recently re-blogged something of mine, when I found the post below and decided I just had to do the same (i.e. re-blog it). The … Continue reading

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The dustbin of failed evolutionary experiments?

Once again, as I did in my previous post, I must credit xraymike79 as the source of the title for this offering, as it also featured in the quotation from his recent post. For ease of reference, however, here is … Continue reading

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