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The Sceptics’ Creed

For this spoof of the Anglican version of the Nicene Creed I apologise to all those who Altman a sense of humour: ———- [All stand] We believe in some gods, like Professor Ian Plimer, writer of ‘Heaven and Earth’, of … Continue reading

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Why are Euro sceptics also climate sceptics?

Because both involve the maladaptive coping strategy of ‘blame-shifting’. (Clive Hamilton) It is a matter of public record that only 3 MPs (all Conservatives) voted against the third and final reading of the Climate Change Bill in October 2008 (Christopher … Continue reading


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The road to hell is paved with good inventions

…that are not true! Earlier this year, I posted a review of Prof. Ian Plimer’s most recent 500-page epic, Heaven and Earth: Global Warming – the Missing Science, on amazon.co.uk under the title “Nice book (cover) – shame about the … Continue reading

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