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Climate science in a nutshell – Part 1

James Hansen’s Storms of my Grandchildren has been affectionately described as having “a rambling quality that’s sometimes evident in Hansen’s speeches”. However, the same reviewer also noted that “the book does get to a focused and well-supported conclusion: that business … Continue reading

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Policy inaction is the aim of those that dispute global warming

I promise you that I did not go looking for this quote from James Hansen – I merely stumbled upon it – in Storms of my Grandchildren (2009, page 15). However, this is a wonderfully-simple – yet precise – summation … Continue reading

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How does James Hansen sleep at night?

James Hansen is widely regarded as one of the most important people in the now at least 30-year-old campaign to get concern over anthropogenic global warming (AGW) taken seriously. I must admit that I sometimes wonder what it must feel … Continue reading

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Questions for Dr Richard A Muller

In publishing his animation of 1800-2009 surface temperatures, and the associated data and graphs, Muller has inadvertently demonstrated that the blade of the MBH98 Hockey Stick is real and, in point of fact, the situation is worse than previosuly thought… … Continue reading

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World is warming. Pope is ex-Buddhist.

Over on Wattsupwiththat, the noise of furious back-pedalling is reaching truly deafening levels (e.g. ‘World is warming. Pope is Catholic.’). However, Anthony Watts has been caught out spectacularly (see below) and is now refusing to explain himself pending the publication … Continue reading

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The Tough Guide to Climate Denial

I have previously referred to Robert Henson’s Rough Guide to Climate Change, in which is included his summary of the positions adopted by those that claim to be “sceptical”. In the past, I have merely paraphrased what he said but, … Continue reading

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An open letter to Anthony Watts

Dear Anthony, In your post today, you make a very valid point about the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) team publicising their findings before completing their normal PR process (and you may be right that their haste is due to … Continue reading

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