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Why the Conservative Party is not acting in the public interest

The Conservative Party in the UK hit a new low this week The Party leader and Prime Minister, David Cameron, clearly felt that the last week before Parliament’s summer holidays was a good week to try and bury some bad … Continue reading

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Please look at the whole picture

As Ugo Bardi says on The Frog That Jumped Out blog, this is… A remarkably effective set of data from “Climate Nexus”. Warming has not stopped and, yet, the “warming has stopped” meme remains alive and well… This also provides … Continue reading

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Lack of perspective

I have referred to St Augustine of Hippo before, to highlight the folly of invoking conspiracy theory rather than dealing with nature of reality. However, even though they have little to do with the theme of this blog, I hope … Continue reading

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The carbon cycle and climate change

I have appended below the introduction to an excellent article on this subject, written by John Mason (part of the Skeptical Science team), as posted on the Climate State blog yesterday. If the link between geology, plate tectonics, and climate … Continue reading

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