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Shell abandons Arctic drilling this year – Greenpeace

This is great news but, what we really need is an International agreement (like that which protects the Antarctic from resource exploitation). If we need to despoil the Arctic to get fossil fuels, then we are very clearly far too … Continue reading

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Life is full of tough choices…

…but this isn’t one of them. Or is it? The trouble is, of course, that removing all the subsidies and tax breaks given to the fossil fuel industry (which are delaying the creation of a free market in power generation) … Continue reading

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Lindzengate – one year on

Today is the first anniversary of my trip to London to hear a certain Professor Richard S. Lindzen give a talk to an invited audience of climate change “sceptics” in a Committee Room inside the Palace of Westminster. Having sat … Continue reading

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What on Earth are we doing?

I appear to have a habit of posting items starting with the words “What on Earth..”. Here, then, is another one to add to that list… A few weeks ago, one of the regular contributors to discussion on this blog … Continue reading

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Climate Change: First Wake-Up Call in 1910?

I was looking for something else in the Letters to the Editor section of the Geological Society website, when I came across this very short but massively powerful letter. I knew instantly that I must draw it to the attention … Continue reading

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They came from the sky

UPDATE 2300 hrs UTC: I have amended this post to include a Russian TV news report and explanation of events. The commentary states that the DA14 asteroid is the size of an olympic swimming pool (i.e. 50m in length). On … Continue reading

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There is nothing abstract about climate change denial

There is an awful lot of rubbish spoken about climate change scepticism. I have had a very busy week this week: preparing and delivering a Powerpoint presentation to students doing one of the options I did on my MA two … Continue reading

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Climate denier guilty of syntax avoidance

Regular and longer-term subscribers to this blog may recall some of my exchanges with Doug Swallow (a.k.a. jdouglashuahin) who claims to be a US citizen resident in SE Asia somewhere. Whoever or wheresoever he may be, English is clearly not … Continue reading

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Climate Science – Room 101

A warmer atmosphere can hold more moisture and – as atmospheric physicists have been warning us for over 50 years now – this will result in more frequent and more extreme weather events of all kinds. A recent opinion poll … Continue reading

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Wonderous Stories from Greenpeace (let us hope for more) Hi Rick, We’ve done it again – more good news! European politicians voted overwhelmingly in favour of radical, progressive reform of our fishing laws. A “victory for citizen power” is how Roger Harrabin, the BBC’s environment analyst, described it. … Continue reading


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