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Response to Assad use of chemical weapons – If not now, when?

The British Parliament may have failed to send a strong message of disapproval but, this may well be the fault of David Cameron trying to rush things. Even more humiliating for David Cameron, it looks like the French will be … Continue reading

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The video that Shell does not want you to see

Watching the Belgian Grand Prix live (yes, I know, I shouldn’t, but I do), I was wondering what all the boo-ing was for. Greenpeace posted this video on YouTube but the FIA/FI got it taken down pretty quick.

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How NOT to be sceptical

In the process of compiling my previous post, I was reminded of this one; and decided it warranted being re-posted in its own right… Originally posted on 7 September 2011, as How to be a climate change “sceptic”, this is … Continue reading

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Conservatives for conservation (of a habitable planet)

Whilst I am aware of – and have previously quoted – Lord Deben (i.e. leader of of the Committee on Climate Change – the advisory group David Cameron and George Osborne are ignoring so studiously), I was not aware of … Continue reading

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George Monbiot is as incisive as ever

I admit it, even though I am (or would like to be) socially conservative, George Monbiot is one of my heroes. His long track record of illuminating the stupidity of climate change scepticism was one of the reasons I decided … Continue reading

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The graphical nature of reality

In response to demand (and comments submitted), here is yesterday’s post in graphical form: Questioning the reality, reliability, or reasonableness of the consensus understanding of atmospheric physics (i.e. that post-1850 warming cannot be explained unless 40% extra atmospheric CO2 is … Continue reading

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If global warming has stopped…

Can someone please explain why… Arctic ice is still disappearing. Biodiversity is still reducing. Coral reefs are still dying. Deserts are still growing. Experts are still worrying. Fisheries are still shrinking. Glaciers are still retreating. Heatwaves are still coming. Ice … Continue reading

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Scotland – in all its panoramic glory

Following on from yesterday’s light-hearted offering, today I give you the delights of my own photographic efforts (as spliced together using Adobe Photoshop). I really will have to get myself a smartphone to do this for me. An almost 180 … Continue reading

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Scotland – Cloudy with a chance of…

Sunshine… certainly. Evidence of that to follow shortly (i.e. tomorrow). For now, however, here are some examples of other delights and/or dangers to be faced by motorists north of the border: Roadworks… in the middle of nowhere (Laxford Bridge – … Continue reading

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Nick Reeves – a tough act to follow

In the 20 years that I worked as a hydrogeologist, Nick Reeves was undoubtedly the most inspirational environmental professional that I never met. I am truly shocked to learn of his premature death last month. It seems to me, therefore, … Continue reading

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