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Slow Down Climate Chaos

On motorways, your car will use about 33% less fuel if driven at 60mph instead of 80mph. In my car, this equates to approximately 10p/mile instead of 15p/mile. As such, for me, it has been an easy behaviour modification to … Continue reading

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Seeing Jesus as a revolutionary heretic

Although it has nothing whatsoever to do with the Environment, I would like to mark the Jewish festival of the Passover – and the Christian celebration of Easter – by inviting all readers to pause for a moment of reflection: … Continue reading

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Climate change denial IS conspiracy theory

I am growing increasingly tired of the circular nature of arguments about climate change. People who are supposedly ‘sceptical’ only have four arguments, which are as follows: (1) It ain’t happening; (2) It ain’t us; (3) It ain’t bad; and … Continue reading


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