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World’s biggest watermelon found in Washington DC

No doubt, this is what James Delingpole would say but, yet again, he would be wrong… For those not quite with me on this, Delingpole has written two versions of a reality-deficient book, Watermelons, in which he massages the consciences … Continue reading

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Can we de-carbonise the Internet?

A few months ago, Greenpeace succeeded in getting Facebook to unfriend Coal. Now they are trying to get Apple Amazon and Microsoft all to clean up their acts also; to use only electricity from renewable energy sources to power the … Continue reading

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Climate Ostriches* caught Knappenbergering

Posted on 24 April 2012 at Skeptical Science by dana1981 (now including fascinating discussion with Knappenberger himself): Global Warming Causing Heat Fatalities One of the fallback positions of climate denial after the assertions that “It’s not happening” and “It’s not … Continue reading

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How could I forget?

Even though dragons don’t exist… and he we wasn’t even British… to all you those who feel intimidated by everyone else celebrating their national identity… Happy St George’s Day! How long will it be until the whole thing is turned … Continue reading

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Another damn import from the USA

Record-breaking temperatures in March? Check. Drought conditions declared? Check. What is it people used to say, “when America sneezes, Britain catches a cold”….? Peter Sinclair (of Climate Denial Crock of the Week fame) has been a busy man: However, … Continue reading

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A brief history of Earth – part 3

Brought forward 24 hours in order to mark Earth Day, this is the third (and possibly the last) part of my mini-series of posts looking at what we can and should learn about the fragility and contingency of our existence … Continue reading

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Go – Theresa May but Abu Qan’t-be-harder

Another catastrophic week for our banana-skin prone Coalition government in the UK. Talk about an unforced error by Home Secretary Theresa May. Whoever, or whatever will it be next? However, leaving aside arguments over appeal deadlines, the case of Abu … Continue reading

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A brief history of Earth – part 2

Yesterday, I began a review of the recently-broadcast Australia: The Time Traveller’s Guide. However, this is such an information-rich programme, I went well over my 1000-word limit without even getting to the end of Episode 1. Also, it was clearly … Continue reading

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A brief history of Earth – part 1

A couple of weeks ago, I got into a spot of bother for suggesting that only geologists have the required sense of perspective to appreciate how contingent Life on Earth actually is (i.e. that things could quite easily have not … Continue reading

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Postcard from a Herculean guilt trip

Schoolchildren love to play games. One of their favourites is blame-shifting. This is particularly common when they feel (or know) they are guilty. As the name suggests, it is usually an attempt to blame a problem on somebody else, or … Continue reading

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