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Top UK Christmas Sales

Following on from yesterday, my second revelation courtesy of Christmas television is this: The 1984 Band Aid single “Do they know its Christmas? (Feed the world)” is the biggest-selling Christmas Number One of all time in the UK (selling twice … Continue reading

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First green superpower?

I am interrupting my blogging holiday to publish a couple of links to a thought-provoking items of Christmas television (one today and one tomorrow). First up, an item re-broadcast on the BBC News Channel on Monday: First broadcast in June … Continue reading

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Sherry Christmas and a Schnappsy New Year!

Normal service will resume here on or after 3 Jan 2012. Until then, please enjoy these images… Remember the words of Edward O Wilson, who pointed out that we are not the most important species on the planet, which would … Continue reading

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Our worst import from the USA

No doubt, I will be labelled as a Scrooge for saying this but, running the completely-overblown Trick or Treat hysteria surrounding Halloween into a very close second place, this is the ludicrous practice of covering your house and garden with … Continue reading

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Alarmville or Calmville – which is the fantasy?

About 18 months ago I was struggling with an addiction to Zynga Poker on Facebook. It was so bad, I would happily spend 6 hours on a Saturday and frequently stay up half the night, playing with anonymous people and … Continue reading

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There are none so blind…

…as those that can’t read! This photo was taken outside the Ranger’s House – an English Heritage (EH) property – on Blackheath, near Greenwich, south-east London. Although I can promise you it was not set-up for the camera, I don’t … Continue reading

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A letter to the (right-wing) Editors

A transcript of my recent email to the Editors of the Daily Express, Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph newspapers here in the UK… Dear [x], Please don’t let your newspaper become anachronistic Please forgive the unsolicited email, which I hope … Continue reading

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When will we have enough Supermarkets?

On the day after it was announced that unemployment has reached a 17-year high in the UK, I hesitate to complain about the fact that Morrisons has promised to open 25 new supermarkets in the UK next year and create … Continue reading

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The pollution of death

Having gotten a little depressed about not being able to find relevant employment, I have decided it is time to publish this item: We hear a lot about death caused by pollution but, have you ever stopped to consider the … Continue reading

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Climategate 3 it is not..!

Not satisfied with artificially engineering controversy using old data-mined and cherry-picked emails taken out-of-context in an attempt to discredit climate science and scientists, those who would have us believe climate change is not a problem are now trying to artificially … Continue reading

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