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The argument for leaving fossil fuels in the ground is overwhelming

I know I have been a bit slow but, I have now signed the Guardian’s new climate change petition. Indeed, I was – and am – very pleased to see editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger leading their campaign to phase-out institutional investment … Continue reading

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Managing climate risks to well-being and the economy

The Adaptation Sub-Committee of the Committee on Climate Change has today published its 2014 progress report. The report considers preparedness to climate change in England related to major infrastructure, business, public health and emergency planning. It also provides an update … Continue reading

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Geoscientists get all ethical about climate change

The Geoscientist is the Fellowship magazine of the Geological Society of London. With the Permission of the Editor of the magazine, I hereby republish extracts from three items in the most recent issue (cover image shown here) of the magazine: … Continue reading

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UK looks likely to back the wrong horse

Sad to say it but, having reached cross-party consensus and implemented the Climate Change Act in 2008, the UK has now: — failed to honour the promise this contained; — failed to listen to the advice of its own scientific … Continue reading

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There is no New World Order conspiracy

This post was therefore not published yesterday (i.e. International Workers’ Day). Since publishing my book, I have been contacted by a number of academics in a variety of countries who are doing – or have done – research into climate … Continue reading

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The population consumption environment nexus

Today’s post is that which was intended for last Monday. However, thanks to the happy coincidence of incoming information, Monday’s post was taken up with summarising an 11-year old presentation by Dr Albert A. Bartlett, entitled ‘Arithmetic, Population and Energy’, … Continue reading

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Who says the Bible is irrelevant?

Please do not worry that I am suddenly turning all Evangelical on you. Far from it. I just cannot get over how relevant the following words seem. They were written by former Pharisaic Jew, Saul – known to Christians as … Continue reading

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A cornucopia of Prometheanism

This post has been prompted by an exchange of comments I have been having with Patrice Ayme – on my previous post (i.e. here) – that I feel deserves wider exposure and/or appreciation. However, if you have not the faintest … Continue reading

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How can resource depletion be sustainable?

(In conversation with a “technological optimist”) I was so impressed by the ‘Growth Delusion’ article by Nick Reeves (published on this blog on Monday), that I decided to bring it to the attention of members of my extended family and … Continue reading

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The nonsense of “Sustainable Growth”*

* “Sustainable Growth” is a term invented by World Leaders last year at the Rio+20 Summit in Brazil. On a finite planet with finite resources, it is a physical impossibility; it is an oxymoron; to talk about it is as … Continue reading

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