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TIME is not on the side of David Rose

Thanks to Greenpeace for this amazing story: Either David Rose has himself used the real (2007) cover to create the fake (1977) cover – or – he has been a little too ready to believe what he so wants to … Continue reading

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Give Greenpeace some credit

Here’s a great idea for UK residents (one I would definitely pursue if I met the criteria): By opening a Greenpeace credit card account and using it for your everyday shopping, instead of your current credit card, you can help … Continue reading

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Obama: ‘Climate change sceptics = Flat Earth Society’

This did not make the news today in the UK but clearly should have done. Analysis by Brenden DeMelle is re-posted here from the DeSmog Blog: President Obama Pegs Fate of Keystone XL On Climate Change Impact; Slams Climate Denial … Continue reading

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The Secret life of the Sun

Last night in the UK, the BBC broadcast this fascinating documentary regarding the Sun (YouTube video appended below). It was presented by two of my favourite TV personalities, Dr Helen Czerski and Kate Humble. It starts by pointing out that … Continue reading

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My final word on Fracking?

(Probably not!) Herewith appended below is an email I sent today to Professor Iain Stewart (and copied to all those named in it). However, please note that I have just found the BBC TV programme to which it refers has … Continue reading

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My final word on Oakwood?

Over on Learning from Dogs this week, Paul Handover has (i.e. across Monday and Tuesday) re-posted a lengthy juxtaposition of arguments for (Oakwood) rejecting and (me) accepting the reality of anthropogenic climate disruption (ACD) – along with (today) his response … Continue reading

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Stop climate chaos within the UK government

Jesus of Nazareth once said, “Any kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and a house divided against itself will fall…” If so, the next UK government is likely to be (at least led by) the Labour Party. OMG – … Continue reading

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Human Climate Change Is Wrecking the Jet Stream; UK Met Office Calls Emergency Meeting

Originally posted on robertscribbler:
(Weather model showing forecast temperature, high and low pressure for April 20. What this clover-leaf pattern roughly represents is the new ‘normal’ shape of the jet stream. Image source: here) The UK Met recently called an…

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Whistleblower or security threat?

The link between the Edward Snowden story and the theme of this blog is somewhere between tenuous and non-existent. However, I am really fed up with anyone who is passionate about the issue of environmental sustainability being labelled “anti-Capitalist” – … Continue reading

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Tearfund has unearthed the truth!

Fantastic news today! Tearfund, a UK based Christian charity focused on promoting overseas aid and development, has announced the success of its ‘Unearth the Truth’ campaign. As of today, the EU has implemented new Transparency Laws that will make it … Continue reading

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