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Please help save the African elephant

Are humans a plague upon the Earth? When I read stufff like this (from Avaaz), I find it hard not to feel ashamed of what our species is doing to this planet. ———- Dear friends, African elephants could go extinct … Continue reading

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Whistleblower or security threat?

The link between the Edward Snowden story and the theme of this blog is somewhere between tenuous and non-existent. However, I am really fed up with anyone who is passionate about the issue of environmental sustainability being labelled “anti-Capitalist” – … Continue reading

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Help end 1 trillion USD of corporate tax evasion

In advance of the G8 Summit to be held in Northern Ireland, Avaaz is asking people to sign a petition to help encourage President Obama and Canadian PM Harper do the right thing. ——- Dear friends, In days, world leaders … Continue reading

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24 hours to ban Bayer’s bee poison

It is nearly 50 years since Rachel Carson wrote here seminal book Silent Spring. Why are we humans so stupid that we do not learn even the most basic of lessons? It is time to put the environmental protection before … Continue reading

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Please help save the Internet

This just in from Avaaz (i.e. yesterday) – action required immediately (i.e. today): ————————– Dear Avaazers, Authoritarian regimes are pushing for governmental control over the internet in a binding global treaty. If they succeed, the internet could become less open, … Continue reading

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