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Please remind Shell that Lloyds think Arctic drilling is bad

Lloyds of London have warned that fossil fuel exploration of the Arctic will damage an important ecosystem. With that in mind, here is the latest email I have received from Greenpeace: Dear supporter, Any moment now, Gazprom will pump the … Continue reading

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Confusion is understandable but ideological blindness is unforgivable

Greenland was never called Iceland – even though it is largely surrounded by the ice cap and covered in glaciers. Iceland, which often has brilliantly green places, is also in the Arctic Circle. But Iceland is not connected to the … Continue reading

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Greenpeace big splash in the Daily Telegraph

Latest email from Greenpeace: We’re making headlines. Our ad – which 1,269 amazing Greenpeace supporters helped pay for – has made a splash in the Telegraph, Britain’s most widely-read broadsheet. We’re also hoping to get the ad printed in the … Continue reading

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