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AGU continues complicit support for Merchants of Doubt

This is not surprising given the AGU’s failure to discipline Richard Lindzen for academic misconduct, hypocrisy, and the denegration of fellow AGU members, but, as reported via DeSmogBlog recently: Scientists are being asked to boycott the next major meeting of … Continue reading


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Disgraceful Volkswagen caught putting profit before planet

I can barely believe it. One of Germany’s best-value exports (i.e. in the non-luxury end of the car market) has been caught faking the CO2 emission test data on its diesel cars in the USA (and, it has subsequently emerged, … Continue reading

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Wealth is a state of mind

I recommend that all watch the video just broadcast in the UK on Channel 4 News this evening. The video is one of a report, by Jamal Osmond, from Somaliland. Never heard of it? Me too. Somaliland is not … Continue reading

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Fracking off in Lancashire (and elsewhere?)

I know this is very late but, it is such significant moment, I feel I must comment on the recent decision of Lancashire County Council to refuse to allow fracking to proceed in their county. Never mind that their decision … Continue reading

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Corporate interests lean on YouTube to delete Lego-Shell video

But Greenpeace UK will just keep re-posting it… Here is the latest email from their Head of Arctic Campaigns, Ben Ayliffe: ———- Hi Rick, I think we might have offended someone. This morning we were shocked to learn that our … Continue reading

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Please help save the African elephant

Are humans a plague upon the Earth? When I read stufff like this (from Avaaz), I find it hard not to feel ashamed of what our species is doing to this planet. ———- Dear friends, African elephants could go extinct … Continue reading

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Why do our politicians not act on IPCC advice?

I am hereby delighted to invite all my readers to indicate (by voting on a question [on the Survey Monkey website] that I have created) why they think our politicians continue to fail to respond effectively to the increasingly stark … Continue reading

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Geoscientists get all ethical about climate change

The Geoscientist is the Fellowship magazine of the Geological Society of London. With the Permission of the Editor of the magazine, I hereby republish extracts from three items in the most recent issue (cover image shown here) of the magazine: … Continue reading

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Climate change denial IS conspiracy theory

I am growing increasingly tired of the circular nature of arguments about climate change. People who are supposedly ‘sceptical’ only have four arguments, which are as follows: (1) It ain’t happening; (2) It ain’t us; (3) It ain’t bad; and … Continue reading

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This is participatory democracy in action

Fantastic news! Despite all their attempts to obfuscate, the Conservative Party’s attempt to curtail democracy in the UK has been defeated. This is how 38 Degrees reported the news to me by email. —— Dear Rick, Great news. Last night … Continue reading

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