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Alarmville or Calmville – which is the fantasy?

About 18 months ago I was struggling with an addiction to Zynga Poker on Facebook. It was so bad, I would happily spend 6 hours on a Saturday and frequently stay up half the night, playing with anonymous people and … Continue reading

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Where the UK really matters

As any intellectual property rights consultant will tell you, when you register an Internet domain name you should also register any obvious similar names to avoid any potential confusion and/or prevent direct competitors doing so in the future. Clearly, when … Continue reading


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What’s wrong with Gas?

Over the last 12 months, I have written 3 letters to Chris Huhne, the British Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. From the replies I have received, it is clear that our government is not only determined to … Continue reading

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Five questions for Chris Huhne

Today may well be Armistice Day but, face the fact, more lives will be lost as a result of unmitigated climate change than have been lost in all wars in the last 7,000 years. So, with that thought in mind, … Continue reading

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