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A Card for all Reasons (as opposed to ‘A Man for all Seasons’)

Dear Readers (new and old), In the hope that I may hereby cater for all possible tastes, 3 electronic Christmas cards are appended below: theological; geopolitical; and personalised. I trust that at least one of the attached will be appreciated. … Continue reading

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I think it is time to start dealing with reality

The text below is reproduced from a comment I have just posted on the Climate Slate website. The comment itself was prompted by my having recently watched the movie ‘Chasing Ice’, conceived and produced by James Balog and Jeff Orlowski. … Continue reading


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Scotland – in all its panoramic glory

Following on from yesterday’s light-hearted offering, today I give you the delights of my own photographic efforts (as spliced together using Adobe Photoshop). I really will have to get myself a smartphone to do this for me. An almost 180 … Continue reading

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Scotland – Cloudy with a chance of…

Sunshine… certainly. Evidence of that to follow shortly (i.e. tomorrow). For now, however, here are some examples of other delights and/or dangers to be faced by motorists north of the border: Roadworks… in the middle of nowhere (Laxford Bridge – … Continue reading

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A Lexicon of Lunacy

An A to Z of Climate Change Denial A is for Anthropocentric B is for Belligerent C is for Counterintuitive D is for Delusional E is for Ecophobic F is for Fallacious G is for Growth-oriented H is for Heliocentric … Continue reading

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Best wish for Christmas and New Year

Normal service (whatever that may be) will resume here in January.

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WW3 will involve water and/or Israel

I think World War Three (WW3) will be fought over access to water; and one of the most obvious flash points for conflict would appear to the occupied West Bank outside Jerusalem. I am grateful to Christine over at … Continue reading

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The way I see things…

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Postcard from a Herculean guilt trip

Schoolchildren love to play games. One of their favourites is blame-shifting. This is particularly common when they feel (or know) they are guilty. As the name suggests, it is usually an attempt to blame a problem on somebody else, or … Continue reading

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Collapse or Ecocide – which will it be?

Collapse = An end to modern human civilisation as we have known it. Ecocide = Unintended ecological suicide (mass extinction of all complex life on Earth). Do we have a third option – Survival? I have recently started reading Jared … Continue reading

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