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Humanity will not be able to say it was not warned

This post is to mark the impending publication of the latest book from Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway, entitled The Collapse of Western Civilisation: A View From the Future. The authors have already published a summary of this book’s thesis … Continue reading

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A cornucopia of Prometheanism

This post has been prompted by an exchange of comments I have been having with Patrice Ayme – on my previous post (i.e. here) – that I feel deserves wider exposure and/or appreciation. However, if you have not the faintest … Continue reading

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Lack of progress towards embracing reality

To mark this blog’s first anniversary today – and highlight the above – I am re-posting the item I posted exactly one year ago (and will return to the subject next week). Apart from the opening reference to my MA … Continue reading

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All that it takes for evil to flourish….

…is for good men to do nothing (Pretty much the same thing happens when bad men do nothing as well) Here’s a couple of tunes from great Antipodean bands of the 1980s for the senior management of Barclays to enjoy … Continue reading

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Lack of moral environment

This may have little to do with the environment but – I’m sorry – I simply cannot remain silent any longer about the revelation that the financial services industry in London is almost unbelievably corrupt. We are watching history being … Continue reading

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How to get through the eye of the needle

Yesterday, on Learning from Dogs, Paul Handover published his thoughts on the 6-minute video of a presentation by a remarkably altruistic venture Capitalist, Nick Hanauer, which you can now view here (below). However, firstly, here are some words of introduction … Continue reading

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WW3 will involve water and/or Israel

I think World War Three (WW3) will be fought over access to water; and one of the most obvious flash points for conflict would appear to the occupied West Bank outside Jerusalem. I am grateful to Christine over at … Continue reading

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Growthmania – a status update

In The Road to Hell (1989), Chris Rea questioned where our growth-obsessed country – with its often over-congested and gridlocked road network was headed. If he were writing this song today, I feel confident he would incorporate into it questions … Continue reading

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The Greatest Lie Ever Told

Apart from a hat-tip in the direction of one of the most epic films ever made (i.e. The Greatest Story Ever Told [1965]), and my wishing all readers a Happy Easter (or to be entirely politically-correct, a ‘joyous Spring Equinox … Continue reading

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The seven woes of the Tea Party

Rick Santorum recently suggested that climate scientists are like Pharisees but, as many others have pointed out – as they always were and will be – the real Pharisees today are ultra Conservative politicians! As such, by uttering such an … Continue reading

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