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If I cannot blog I will Tweet

I am struggling to make time to blog so may have to investigate getting Tweets to appear here automatically. In the meantime, there is this… Will @David_Cameron now silence #Ideological #Denial of #Anthropogenic #Climate #Disruption in #Conservative Party? http://t.co/rb9PVsB3eH — … Continue reading

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To mark Australia’s return to the anti-science wilderness!

It looks like Australia is just about to elect the most anti-science government outside of North America: ‘Tony Abbott to win Australian election, final polls show’ (i.e. on UK’s Telegraph website). To mark this latest ‘victory’ for those duped by … Continue reading

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Conservatives for conservation (of a habitable planet)

Whilst I am aware of – and have previously quoted – Lord Deben (i.e. leader of of the Committee on Climate Change – the advisory group David Cameron and George Osborne are ignoring so studiously), I was not aware of … Continue reading

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Why I am not a Socialist

…and other things “sceptics” should bear in mind! In responding to the amazingly erudite blogger who is Patrice Ayme, on the subject of how we should treat all other life-forms with which we currently share this planet, I recently found … Continue reading

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How to Avoid the Truth About Climate Change

Barry Bickmore is Associate Professor of Geological Sciences at Brigham Young University (Utah, USA). His research specialties are low-temperature geochemistry and geoscience education. In this 40-minute presentation (appended below), he discusses how he moved from being a climate change “sceptic” … Continue reading

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Does anyone have CCPI?

CCPI – Climate Change Protection Insurance – Does anyone have it? Of course they don’t. However, we are all going to pay for it – because Insurance companies are not charities! According to representatives of Munich Reinsurance America Inc. and … Continue reading

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A letter to the (right-wing) Editors

A transcript of my recent email to the Editors of the Daily Express, Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph newspapers here in the UK… Dear [x], Please don’t let your newspaper become anachronistic Please forgive the unsolicited email, which I hope … Continue reading

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How can we be held to ransom like this?

Given the perilous state of the EU and the world economy as a result of Italy now being at the mercy of a very small number of individuals within credit rating agencies and money-lenders (whom even entire Governments cannot control), … Continue reading

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The ecological challenge for Conservatism

A Review of ‘Conservatism’ by Roger Scruton, in Dobson, A. and Eckersley, R. (2006), Political Theory and the Ecological Challenge (pp.7-19), Cambridge: CUP. This book is a collection of essays looking at the challenge of the environmental movement from a … Continue reading

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