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Tearfund has unearthed the truth!

Fantastic news today! Tearfund, a UK based Christian charity focused on promoting overseas aid and development, has announced the success of its ‘Unearth the Truth’ campaign. As of today, the EU has implemented new Transparency Laws that will make it … Continue reading


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“Population as a problem is over…” (?)

So said Tim Worstall (author of Chasing Rainbows: Economic Myths, Environmental Facts [2010]) on this bIog last October, after I dared to criticise his Prometheanism (i.e. the belief that human ingenuity – rather than nature‚Äôs bounty [Cornucopianism] – will enable … Continue reading

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Dirty water kills 180 children per hour

As I have said many times now, I chose to pursue hydrogeology as a specialism because I wanted to find some way of using my geological knowledge to improve the lives of less fortunate people. I may have got distracted … Continue reading

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Have you a distorted world view?

WordPress started recently supplying statistical data on the geographic origin of viewers of my blog. In so doing, they provide the data in list and map format. The map bothers me greatly because it uses the Mercator projection map (circa … Continue reading

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Top UK Christmas Sales

Following on from yesterday, my second revelation courtesy of Christmas television is this: The 1984 Band Aid single “Do they know its Christmas? (Feed the world)” is the biggest-selling Christmas Number One of all time in the UK (selling twice … Continue reading

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Alarmville or Calmville – which is the fantasy?

About 18 months ago I was struggling with an addiction to Zynga Poker on Facebook. It was so bad, I would happily spend 6 hours on a Saturday and frequently stay up half the night, playing with anonymous people and … Continue reading

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