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Happy New Year and Brain-teaser

I’d like to wish everybody a Happy New Year but, first, I’m going to give your brain a quick workout! Are the potential benefits of scientific research now limited only by political correctness and epigenetics? However, before giving you my … Continue reading


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The elephant in the room with Lewandowsky

This post is based on something I wrote for Paul Handover’s Learning from Dogs website, which was published there earlier this month. As originally conceived, I gave it the title ‘Libertarian ideology is the real road block’. Having had a … Continue reading

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Who owns the rain that falls from the sky?

I must thank fellow-blogger Paul Handover for alerting me to – and not posting on his own Learning from Dogs blog – the strange and disturbing real-life story of a man in Oregon who has been sent to jail for … Continue reading

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Lack of moral environment

This may have little to do with the environment but – I’m sorry – I simply cannot remain silent any longer about the revelation that the financial services industry in London is almost unbelievably corrupt. We are watching history being … Continue reading

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Why I am not a Socialist

…and other things “sceptics” should bear in mind! In responding to the amazingly erudite blogger who is Patrice Ayme, on the subject of how we should treat all other life-forms with which we currently share this planet, I recently found … Continue reading

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Go – Theresa May but Abu Qan’t-be-harder

Another catastrophic week for our banana-skin prone Coalition government in the UK. Talk about an unforced error by Home Secretary Theresa May. Whoever, or whatever will it be next? However, leaving aside arguments over appeal deadlines, the case of Abu … Continue reading

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How to Avoid the Truth About Climate Change

Barry Bickmore is Associate Professor of Geological Sciences at Brigham Young University (Utah, USA). His research specialties are low-temperature geochemistry and geoscience education. In this 40-minute presentation (appended below), he discusses how he moved from being a climate change “sceptic” … Continue reading

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What to do if you get mugged…

Hopefully “mugging” has the same meaning in English-speaking countries all around the world. If not, for the avoidance of any doubt, I mean “what to do if someone steals your money from you while you’re walking down the street…” First … Continue reading

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Obama takes one for Team Planet

Doing the right thing is not always easy, especially if you are the President of the United States of America. In a political system that is quite possibly more corrupt than North Korea, the Obama administration is surrounded by very … Continue reading

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All things are connected…

In 1990, the CD One World One Voice was released into a very complacent world. It was the brainchild of Kevin Godley, who instigated an unprecedented worldwide piece of musical collaboration, which resulted in the production of the CD and … Continue reading

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