Growthmania – a status update

In The Road to Hell (1989), Chris Rea questioned where our growth-obsessed country – with its often over-congested and gridlocked road network was headed. If he were writing this song today, I feel confident he would incorporate into it questions regarding the unsustainable way in which humanity is currently using the Earth’s non-renewable resources – including minerals and energy – and the inequitous distribution of access to all resources (renewable and non-renewable alike); particularly clean fresh water (undervalued and wasted in developed countries – and highly-prized if not yet fought over in the rest of the World). We have had globalised Capitalism for a few decades now and, one thing seems certain, the “trickle down effect” so beloved of messrs Reagan and Thatcher was a cruel myth; just as was the “arbeit macht frei”-style Utopia espoused by Marx, Lenin and Stalin and Co.. Furthermore, while engaging in a bit of anti-Marxist rhetoric, let’s clear up one thing: Karl Marx may have denounced Capitalism for being money fetishism but: Marxism = Growthmania minus Capitalism. End of story. I will leave the rest to Chris. Enjoy.


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Possibly just another 'Climate Cassandra' crying 'Wolf' in cyberspace. However, the moral of the old children's story is that the Wolf eventually turned up!
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4 Responses to Growthmania – a status update

  1. Growth is over rated- as the wikileaks revealed the Saudi’s may be fibbing about oil reserves and in fact the last 5 years has seen production stuck at the same rate despite promises of increasing it by 20%. There own consumption has rocketed and the energy required to extract what is left has gone from a ratio of 1:10 towards the heady heights of 1:6 [not the ludicrous 1:3 for oi sands] and as their population grows the real threat is peak fossil water. 20 years ago it provided 80% of supply but it is running out fast, now only 40%, to be replaced by oil fueled desalination plants. The sceptics point to new oil finds- 10billion barrels here, 10 there but these are a couple of years global use, they point to US geo surveys announcing trillions of barrels in shale but never read to the bottom where it states the cost of recovery of the fraction that can be recovered is not economic. Oil production has now hit a wall, and coincidentally global growth has stagnated. The issue now is which addict is prepared to pay the most for their fix.


    • Rick Altman says:

      What will be the energy recovery ratio and/or profit margin for mineral exploration on asteroids? I thought James Cameron was a sensible man but his willingness to invest in such schemes make me think he has more money than sense.


  2. jpgreenword says:

    (Sarcasm) Don’t worry about the minerals. We will be mining them from the bottom of the sea soon. And we are looking at doing some mining of asteroids. See, problem solved!


  3. yeah- aren’t comets just greasy [oily] snowballs, I’m sure Virgin will have regular flights in no time.


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