All that it takes for evil to flourish….

…is for good men to do nothing

(Pretty much the same thing happens when bad men do nothing as well) Here’s a couple of tunes from great Antipodean bands of the 1980s for the senior management of Barclays to enjoy in their early retirement… Dragon – Speak no Evil Crowded House – Mansion in the Slums So then, our politicians must now try and sort out this mess… Oh dear, why do I have this sickening feeling nothing is about to change…


About Rick Altman

Possibly just another 'Climate Cassandra' crying 'Wolf' in cyberspace. However, the moral of the old children's story is that the Wolf eventually turned up!
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5 Responses to All that it takes for evil to flourish….

  1. Cornelius Breadbasket says:

    Thanks for the comment on Greenman’s channel – I will follow this blog with interest and contribute where I can.


    • Rick Altman says:

      Thanks Cornelius. You were absolutely right to remind Peter et al that, even though the consequences for food prices will be the same, the UK is having the opposite weather problems. I have mentioned this a few times (both here and on Climate Crocks) but am rather pre-occupied at the moment with tying to resolve my unemployed status to blog as I have been doing… I hope you will rummage around and check-out my Background page (Re: Delingpile) and/or post categories that catch your eye…


      • Cornelius Breadbasket says:

        Thank you, I most certainly will. I wish you all the best with your hunt for work.


  2. Christine says:

    That’s why it’s up to citizens to become much more engaged in our democracy. Our politicians will only make the right decisions if they know that there are consequences for making the wrong ones. Everyone concerned about the way our system is heading needs to call up/meet with their MP, Congressman/woman, etc.


    • Rick Altman says:

      Thanks Christine. Bob Diamond has agreed not to demand he be given a 20 million USD pay-off and, instead, will have to make do with a 2 million USD payment in lieu of notice… (how will the dear man cope cope?)


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