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Human Climate Change Is Wrecking the Jet Stream; UK Met Office Calls Emergency Meeting

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(Weather model showing forecast temperature, high and low pressure for April 20. What this clover-leaf pattern roughly represents is the new ‘normal’ shape of the jet stream. Image source: here) The UK Met recently called an…

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Whistleblower or security threat?

The link between the Edward Snowden story and the theme of this blog is somewhere between tenuous and non-existent. However, I am really fed up with anyone who is passionate about the issue of environmental sustainability being labelled “anti-Capitalist” – … Continue reading

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Tearfund has unearthed the truth!

Fantastic news today! Tearfund, a UK based Christian charity focused on promoting overseas aid and development, has announced the success of its ‘Unearth the Truth’ campaign. As of today, the EU has implemented new Transparency Laws that will make it … Continue reading

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Help end 1 trillion USD of corporate tax evasion

In advance of the G8 Summit to be held in Northern Ireland, Avaaz is asking people to sign a petition to help encourage President Obama and Canadian PM Harper do the right thing. ——- Dear friends, In days, world leaders … Continue reading

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Lobbying: from Fiji Fools to Fossil Fuels

When the latest lobbying scandal broke in the UK last week, I must admit that I was somewhat surprised by the decision of Patrick Mercer MP to resign from the Conservative Party and announce he will leave Parliament in 2015. … Continue reading

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UK looks likely to back the wrong horse

Sad to say it but, having reached cross-party consensus and implemented the Climate Change Act in 2008, the UK has now: — failed to honour the promise this contained; — failed to listen to the advice of its own scientific … Continue reading

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