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If I cannot blog I will Tweet

I am struggling to make time to blog so may have to investigate getting Tweets to appear here automatically. In the meantime, there is this… Will @David_Cameron now silence #Ideological #Denial of #Anthropogenic #Climate #Disruption in #Conservative Party? http://t.co/rb9PVsB3eH β€” … Continue reading

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BBC Panorama on the Energy Crisis in the UK

The BBC have very helpfully posted the recent Panorama programme ‘Energy Bills: Power Failure’ on YouTube (as embedded below). Presented by Tom Heap (who regularly does spots on CountryFile), it is very fair-minded and includes contributions from a wide range … Continue reading

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Stop climate chaos within the UK government

Jesus of Nazareth once said, β€œAny kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and a house divided against itself will fall…” If so, the next UK government is likely to be (at least led by) the Labour Party. OMG – … Continue reading

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