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If I cannot blog I will Tweet

I am struggling to make time to blog so may have to investigate getting Tweets to appear here automatically. In the meantime, there is this… Will @David_Cameron now silence #Ideological #Denial of #Anthropogenic #Climate #Disruption in #Conservative Party? http://t.co/rb9PVsB3eH β€” … Continue reading

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History repeats itself because people do not listen

Thanks to Greenpeace for the inspiration… Industry has been manufacturing doubt regarding inconvenient science for decades. They have confused the public and paralysed our politicians. All we must do now is deal with the consequences. Over to Greenpeace for the … Continue reading

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Stop climate chaos within the UK government

Jesus of Nazareth once said, β€œAny kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and a house divided against itself will fall…” If so, the next UK government is likely to be (at least led by) the Labour Party. OMG – … Continue reading

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