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My final word on Fracking?

(Probably not!) Herewith appended below is an email I sent today to Professor Iain Stewart (and copied to all those named in it). However, please note that I have just found the BBC TV programme to which it refers has … Continue reading

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The political misuse of scepticism

Connecting the dots – the story continues… This is the second of 3 posts re-visiting three points made in the introduction to my MA dissertation on climate change scepticism in the UK (as summarised on my About page), which are … Continue reading

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Questions for Dr Richard A Muller

In publishing his animation of 1800-2009 surface temperatures, and the associated data and graphs, Muller has inadvertently demonstrated that the blade of the MBH98 Hockey Stick is real and, in point of fact, the situation is worse than previosuly thought… … Continue reading

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How to be a climate change ‘sceptic’

If I have not said it before, the reason sceptic is inside quotation marks is because I take the view, as do Clive Hamilton, Peter Jacques, and David MacKay, that those who deny anthropogenic climate disruption (ACD) are not sceptics … Continue reading

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