Human Climate Change Is Wrecking the Jet Stream; UK Met Office Calls Emergency Meeting

I just found this on the blog of a new subscriber to LoE and just had to re-blog it. Keep up the excellent work, Robert.


cloverleaf jet stream

(Weather model showing forecast temperature, high and low pressure for April 20. What this clover-leaf pattern roughly represents is the new ‘normal’ shape of the jet stream. Image source: here)

The UK Met recently called an emergency meeting with the world’s top climate scientists to discuss how melting polar ice is radically altering that country’s weather. A permanent blocking high pressure system has formed over Greenland. This high has, effectively, caused the Arctic to invade the UK with increasing ferocity. The state is now so extreme that the Met is calling a meeting of the world’s climate experts to discuss what the future may hold.

Dr. Slingo, Britain’s top climate scientist notes how persistent high pressure systems are blocking the polar wind pattern from moving. What this means is that the weather simply cannot change. Increasingly, the UK has become a part of the Arctic. Slingo noted to ITV…

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2 Responses to Human Climate Change Is Wrecking the Jet Stream; UK Met Office Calls Emergency Meeting

  1. Bernard J. says:

    If this recent weather pattern is indeed a presage of a Heinrich event the Met Office is right to call an “emergency meeting”. Whether (boom tish) anyone with policy influence will actually listen and respond is another matter.


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