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The Secret life of the Sun

Last night in the UK, the BBC broadcast this fascinating documentary regarding the Sun (YouTube video appended below). It was presented by two of my favourite TV personalities, Dr Helen Czerski and Kate Humble. It starts by pointing out that … Continue reading

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Futureproof your home – buy a cave!

Amongst relevant experts, it has been widely accepted for over 13 years that early humans were almost wiped-out by the Mt Toba volcanic eruption 71,000 years ago. Although already in the grip of the last Ice Age, this eruption caused … Continue reading

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Unstoppable Global Warming by Singer and Avery

In 2007, Fred Singer and Dennis Avery published their book, Unstoppable Global Warming – Every 1500 years. Unfortunately, as with all the data in this book, the front cover photo must have been carefully chosen to not show any sign … Continue reading

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