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Wealth is a state of mind

I recommend that all watch the video just broadcast in the UK on Channel 4 News this evening. The video is one of a report, by Jamal Osmond, from Somaliland. Never heard of it? Me too. Somaliland is not … Continue reading

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Altman of perspective

I have referred to St Augustine of Hippo before, to highlight the folly of invoking conspiracy theory rather than dealing with nature of reality. However, even though they have little to do with the theme of this blog, I hope … Continue reading

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The dustbin of failed evolutionary experiments?

Once again, as I did in my previous post, I must credit xraymike79 as the source of the title for this offering, as it also featured in the quotation from his recent post. For ease of reference, however, here is … Continue reading

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Music for 21 December 2012

Following on from yesterday’s post of an R.E.M. classic (It’s The End Of The World As We Know It), here is more of my choice of music inspired by the fact that the World is NOT going to end today… … Continue reading

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The philosophical roots of scepticism

Connecting some more dots… It is almost a year since I published 3 posts on my old (disused) Earthy Issues blog (on the MyTelegraph website); and I believe they deserve being brought to the attention of a wider audience. They … Continue reading

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Nature is not your enemy (but it may bite you if provoked)

Over the last two days, I have explained why I am not a Socialist (despite dabbling with it in the past); and why I have lost my faith in Capitalism (despite being unavoidably enmeshed in it to this day)… So, … Continue reading

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The way I see things…

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