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Climate change is here and now

Please don’t be a Climate Ostrich. The UN is not being ‘alarmist’ in order to achieve global Zionist and/or Communist domination. Working Group 2 of AR5 warns that the effects of human caused climate change are most likely to be … Continue reading

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A brief history of Earth – part 3

Brought forward 24 hours in order to mark Earth Day, this is the third (and possibly the last) part of my mini-series of posts looking at what we can and should learn about the fragility and contingency of our existence … Continue reading

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A brief history of Earth – part 2

Yesterday, I began a review of the recently-broadcast Australia: The Time Traveller’s Guide. However, this is such an information-rich programme, I went well over my 1000-word limit without even getting to the end of Episode 1. Also, it was clearly … Continue reading


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A brief history of Earth – part 1

A couple of weeks ago, I got into a spot of bother for suggesting that only geologists have the required sense of perspective to appreciate how contingent Life on Earth actually is (i.e. that things could quite easily have not … Continue reading

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Gaining new perspective

In memoriam – Whitney Houston (1963 – 2012) R.I.P. ——————————– Even though Little Moreton Hall is really very small, it is perhaps one of the most famous National Trust (NT) properties in the NW of England; and I am very … Continue reading

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Enjoy the Sun while you can

OK, so it may be 5 billion years from now but, even the Sun has a finite source of fuel: Nothing lasts forever and in turning hydrogen into helium, the Sun is like a pig defecating in its (very large) … Continue reading

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The storm clouds are gathering…

This photograph was taken on 9 December 2011, on a walk down the Dane Valley (in the Cheshire part of the UK’s Peak District National Park). For those who know the area, I took a wrong turn out of Lud’s … Continue reading

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Where shall we go from here?

(or “Climate science in a nutshell – Part 4”) This will be the last of my posts on the scientific basis for concern over anthropogenic climate change based on James Hansen’s Storms of my Grandchildren. Although, I am barely half … Continue reading

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Climate Change – It’s an Inside Job

The climate change angle can wait; as I want to tackle the ongoing financial crisis first… I have just gotten round to watching a DVD of the award-winning 2010 documentary, Inside Job, brilliantly narrated by Matt Damon, which tells the … Continue reading

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What on Earth are you doing?

On the tenth anniversary of 9/11, this may be a question a lot of people are asking themselves because, just as near-death experiences often lead to a renewed appreciation for every day that dawns, it is common for those who … Continue reading

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