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Fracking off in Lancashire (and elsewhere?)

I know this is very late but, it is such significant moment, I feel I must comment on the recent decision of Lancashire County Council to refuse to allow fracking to proceed in their county. Never mind that their decision … Continue reading

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Geoscientists get all ethical about climate change

The Geoscientist is the Fellowship magazine of the Geological Society of London. With the Permission of the Editor of the magazine, I hereby republish extracts from three items in the most recent issue (cover image shown here) of the magazine: … Continue reading

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A riotous assembly of data leads to a ground breaking conclusion

Or should that have been: ‘Ground-breaking data leads to riotous conclusion’…? One of the incidental benefits of being a Fellow of the Geological Society and a Chartered Geologist is that I get the society’s monthly Geoscientist magazine. This month’s edition … Continue reading


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I think it is time to start dealing with reality

The text below is reproduced from a comment I have just posted on the Climate Slate website. The comment itself was prompted by my having recently watched the movie ‘Chasing Ice’, conceived and produced by James Balog and Jeff Orlowski. … Continue reading

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Scotland – in all its panoramic glory

Following on from yesterday’s light-hearted offering, today I give you the delights of my own photographic efforts (as spliced together using Adobe Photoshop). I really will have to get myself a smartphone to do this for me. An almost 180 … Continue reading

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The carbon cycle and climate change

I have appended below the introduction to an excellent article on this subject, written by John Mason (part of the Skeptical Science team), as posted on the Climate State blog yesterday. If the link between geology, plate tectonics, and climate … Continue reading

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I’m sorry but – this will happen

Just over seven months ago, I posted an item about the near-term probability of a catastrophic eruption of the Katla volcano on Iceland. Today, sadly, I think I have discovered that this might not be the worst natural disaster in … Continue reading

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Why don’t we mine asbestos again?

Yesterday, I mentioned that I worked as a mine geologist in Australia in the late 1980s. One of the weirdest places I visited, while living and working in the Hammersley Range of Pilbara Region in the NW of Western Australia, … Continue reading

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When in hole keep digging?

To mark the occasion of our World leaders converging on Rio de Janeiro this week, the BBC’s Science Editor, David Shukman, has visited the World’s largest iron ore mine, Carajas, in the Amazon rainforest of Brazil. See: Forests and caves … Continue reading

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The Yellow River basin in China – Part 4

This is the fourth and final part of my 5000-word essay (researched and written in March 2011) on the water resource problems being encountered within the Yellow River catchment of northern China as a consequence of ongoing climate change. Having … Continue reading

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