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The birth of climate change scepticsim was foretold

I started the year with The Sceptics’ Creed – based on the statement of faith recited every week in many churches. In a similar vein, then, here is the birth of Climate Change Scepticism as (not) foretold in the Bible … Continue reading

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If global warming has stopped…

Can someone please explain why… Arctic ice is still disappearing. Biodiversity is still reducing. Coral reefs are still dying. Deserts are still growing. Experts are still worrying. Fisheries are still shrinking. Glaciers are still retreating. Heatwaves are still coming. Ice … Continue reading


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A Lexicon of Lunacy

An A to Z of Climate Change Denial A is for Anthropocentric B is for Belligerent C is for Counterintuitive D is for Delusional E is for Ecophobic F is for Fallacious G is for Growth-oriented H is for Heliocentric … Continue reading

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Will QE2 out-live Climate Change Denial too?

Some may say that a Monarchy is the abrogation of democracy but, with respect, I think they confuse Monarchy with Dictatorship. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second is said to be the most photographed person on Earth today and, in … Continue reading

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A poetic interlude

I am not normally prone to being poetic but, while out walking yesterday, I found myself wondering what reason I have to feel sad. This is the result: I am very fortunate To live in a country where life is … Continue reading

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