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A Card for all Reasons (as opposed to ‘A Man for all Seasons’)

Dear Readers (new and old), In the hope that I may hereby cater for all possible tastes, 3 electronic Christmas cards are appended below: theological; geopolitical; and personalised. I trust that at least one of the attached will be appreciated. … Continue reading

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Glacier in retreat – will denialists follow?

With my thanks to Climate Denial Crock of the Week, I present this Spot the Difference competition using photos of the Columbia Glacier in Alaska taken in 1938 (USGS), 1986 and 2011 (NASA). As a Google search of images of … Continue reading

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Enjoy the Sun while you can

OK, so it may be 5 billion years from now but, even the Sun has a finite source of fuel: Nothing lasts forever and in turning hydrogen into helium, the Sun is like a pig defecating in its (very large) … Continue reading

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