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They came from the sky

UPDATE 2300 hrs UTC: I have amended this post to include a Russian TV news report and explanation of events. The commentary states that the DA14 asteroid is the size of an olympic swimming pool (i.e. 50m in length). On … Continue reading

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Collapse or Ecocide – which will it be?

Collapse = An end to modern human civilisation as we have known it. Ecocide = Unintended ecological suicide (mass extinction of all complex life on Earth). Do we have a third option – Survival? I have recently started reading Jared … Continue reading

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A response to John Kosowski

After a week of online discussion with John Kosowski (an Engineer from Illiois and – clearly – an amateur climate scientist in his spare time), I am posting this, my latest reply to his questions, as a new blog post … Continue reading

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All things are still connected

Apologies for the dearth of blog posts recently, which is due to Anthropocene Reality being affected by a lack of health: I have not known an illness like it for some years and, although I am beginning to feel a … Continue reading

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Alessio Rastani said it all

Over the recent holiday period, another TV programme I more or less stumbled upon was the Top 50 Most Annoying People of 2011 (BBC Three, 31 December 2011). Independent financial market trader Alessio Rastani made it into the top 50 … Continue reading

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A gross case of intergenerational injustice

On page 248 of Storms of my Grandchildren, James Hansen describes the actions of our current generation – and the political and business elites who claim to act in the best interests of society in general (when in fact their … Continue reading

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How can we be held to ransom like this?

Given the perilous state of the EU and the world economy as a result of Italy now being at the mercy of a very small number of individuals within credit rating agencies and money-lenders (whom even entire Governments cannot control), … Continue reading

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