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From Noah to Nordhaus via Inhofe

US Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) is a climate change sceptic primarily because he believes God has promised not to flood the Earth again; and the rainbow in the sky tells him it must be true. Such ideologically-driven wilful blindness is … Continue reading

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Greedy Lying Bar Stewards guilty of crimes against humanity

Last week, I finally got to see Craig Scott Rosebraugh’s brilliant Greedy Lying Bastards documentary about the industry-funded campaign to discredit climate science and scientists. Even for someone like me – familiar with the subject matter – there was a … Continue reading


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I think it is time to start dealing with reality

The text below is reproduced from a comment I have just posted on the Climate Slate website. The comment itself was prompted by my having recently watched the movie ‘Chasing Ice’, conceived and produced by James Balog and Jeff Orlowski. … Continue reading

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Climate Change: First Wake-Up Call in 1910?

I was looking for something else in the Letters to the Editor section of the Geological Society website, when I came across this very short but massively powerful letter. I knew instantly that I must draw it to the attention … Continue reading

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Glacier in retreat – will denialists follow?

With my thanks to Climate Denial Crock of the Week, I present this Spot the Difference competition using photos of the Columbia Glacier in Alaska taken in 1938 (USGS), 1986 and 2011 (NASA). As a Google search of images of … Continue reading

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