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The radiating face of Gaia

I decided that my review of The Revenge of Gaia, as published by James Lovelock in 2006, was dragging on a bit, so have decided to finish it off. This is therefore the fourth and final part (and thus longer … Continue reading

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George Monbiot is as incisive as ever

I admit it, even though I am (or would like to be) socially conservative, George Monbiot is one of my heroes. His long track record of illuminating the stupidity of climate change scepticism was one of the reasons I decided … Continue reading

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Can we stop talking about AGW now?

AGW = Anthropogenic Global Warming. But, let’s be honest! It just isn’t that simple, is it? Here in the UK, the weather is literally unbelievable. 100mm of rain falling in one day. At the end of June. It’s ridiculous. Just … Continue reading

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Stop oil exploration in the Arctic

Unlike the Antarctic, there is no international treaty in place to prevent countries competing to exploit the mineral wealth of the Arctic region. This is a travesty for a number of reasons. However, the two biggest reasons why the Arctic … Continue reading

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Most scientists don’t believe AGW is happening (?)

Nope, sorry, I don’t accept the validity of this statement. There may be protestors within various Institutions; and lists of people who dispute the consensus view on Wikipedia; and lists of unscientific people that do not; but… Wikipedia also contains … Continue reading


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