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Climate change denial IS conspiracy theory

I am growing increasingly tired of the circular nature of arguments about climate change. People who are supposedly ‘sceptical’ only have four arguments, which are as follows: (1) It ain’t happening; (2) It ain’t us; (3) It ain’t bad; and … Continue reading

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The hypocrisy of willful blindness

Activity levels in the deniosphere have been very high this week, following the publication of the usual nonsense from David Rose in the Mail on Sunday on 8 September 2013. Whilst I cannot be bothered to even try and engage … Continue reading

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There is no New World Order conspiracy

This post was therefore not published yesterday (i.e. International Workers’ Day). Since publishing my book, I have been contacted by a number of academics in a variety of countries who are doing – or have done – research into climate … Continue reading

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