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Will Cyprus unearth the truth?

… By succeeding in getting the EU’s new Transparency Laws enacted? With my thanks to all my old friends at Tearfund, I have already emailed my MP about the corruption in Africa that, along with all the evils of the … Continue reading

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Tragedies – Shakespearean and Greek

It’s the weekend so, to celebrate, here is a special offer: Two posts for the price of one (i.e. nothing). A Shakespearean Tragedy in the making Last night I stumbled upon the second and final part of the BBC’s Simon … Continue reading

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Dirty water kills 180 children per hour

As I have said many times now, I chose to pursue hydrogeology as a specialism because I wanted to find some way of using my geological knowledge to improve the lives of less fortunate people. I may have got distracted … Continue reading

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If the CAP does not fit we should not wear it

A year ago, the Institute for Public Policy Research issued a report saying that the UK’s first-past-the-post electoral system was not fit for purpose in a multi-party democracy. Unfortunately, in a shameless piece of narcissistic political expediency, the majority of … Continue reading


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