We do indeed live in interesting times

trumpefigyA giant effigy of Donald Trump holding Hillary Clinton’s head to be burned at Lewes bonfire night festival.* Image: Tony Kershaw/SWNS.com

“May you live in interesting times” – it is an ancient Chinese curse.

Victoria Coren-Mitchell summarised the situation well on the BBC’s Have I Got New For You programme last night, when she wryly observed that, “America is possibly going to elect its worst president-ever, or someone even worse!”

I must admit I have been very concerned that the USA might elect a President even less-fit to hold such a position than was GWB in 2000.  However, my anxiety rocketed when the FBI launched a fresh investigation into misuse of email by Hilary Clinton (HRC) when she was Secretary of State.

Today, I am just plain astonished that people like Julian Assange and John Pilger seem to think HRC’s abuse of office – and the crime of accepting money from foreign governments sympathetic to ISIS/ISIL so serious – that it is worth increasing the chaces of “the aboination that causes desolation” that will be Donald Trump in the White House.

According to the UN, the Paris Agreement on Climate Change is a triumph of international diplomacy.  Even if it is, however, it is still too little too late: This is because the vast majority of genuine experts agree that, even if all countries deliver on the promises made, post-Industrial warming will reach between 2.5 and 3.4 Celsius by the end of the Century.

Given the accelerating rates of glacier-melting, sealevel-rise and ocean-acidification we are already witnessing – as a result of just 1 Celsius rise – there seems little doubt that such a change will be catastrophic:  This is because the rate of change – ten times faster than any such previous change – is too fast for most organisms to adapt.  Heavilly-populated areas are likely to be inundated by seawater and intensively-cultivated areas are likley to become infertile.  One thing is for certain:  Trees cannot migrate.

The ideologically-driven rejection of the accumulating evidence of accelerating change is already having dire consequences for the World’s poorest communities.  The total disregard for this reality amongst some of the World’s wealthiest communities is sickening:  Elysium does not exist; and it will probably never get built.

And what is Donald Trump’s response to all of this:  He has said he will withdraw the USA from the Paris Treaty on Climate Change.

That being the case, why on Earth are people like Julian Assange and John Pilger making a Trump Presidency more likely?  Judge for yourselves at:


* See Daily Mail article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3908070/Believe-best-bonfires-best-Britain-gets-ready-Bonfire-Night-Guy-wants-burn-tonight-DONALD-TRUMP.html


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