Climate change is here and now

Please don’t be a Climate Ostrich. The UN is not being ‘alarmist’ in order to achieve global Zionist and/or Communist domination. Working Group 2 of AR5 warns that the effects of human caused climate change are most likely to be severe, pervasive and irreversible. The pH of seawater is increasing due to rising CO2 content of our oceans. Because the pH scale is logarithmic, pH 7 is ten times more acidic that pH 8. The threat to marine life from continuing pH reduction in seawater is a scientific fact, not a political conspiracy. As the BBC’s Roger Harrabin reported last week, dying coral off the coast of Papua New Guinea does not care that the CO2 bubbling out of the sea floor is volcanic in origin – it is just dying. For Marine Biochemistry 101 – please see Wikipedia.

About Rick Altman

Possibly just another 'Climate Cassandra' crying 'Wolf' in cyberspace. However, the moral of the old children's story is that the Wolf eventually turned up!
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8 Responses to Climate change is here and now

  1. Thanks for this post. Agreed. With or without those who have been dragging their feet up till now, the rest of us need to move forward on these issues.


    • Rick Altman says:

      Here’s hoping that people will stop the conspiracy theorising – and join the mitigation and adaptation party.


      • anotheralionel says:

        There are signs that some, Pielke Jnr, Tol aided and abetted by Matt Ridley, (there being a GWPF link between those latter two) are trying to make the jump straight to adaptation. See recent posts at Eli’s place, Sou’s and others.


      • pendantry says:

        … trying to make the jump straight to adaptation” Could see that coming. The message is not “Adapt–or die”; it’s “Mitigate FAST and adapt where we now absolutely must because we’ve ignored wake-up calls for decades–or die”. Mitigation is anathema to those who thrive on business as usual; it would risk unseating our overlords. They, and those in their thrall, would rather see us all burn before that happens. Which means that we almost certainly will…


      • Rick Altman says:

        Another excellent summary of our predicament, Colin. I am afraid that Schlomo was another correspondent demonstrating an anti-reflexive attitude to being confronted with reality – who would no longer get his letters published in the LA Times or Sydney Morning Herald – from whom I have therefore decided to withdraw the oxygen of publicity within my domain.


      • pendantry says:

        Here’s hoping that people will stop the conspiracy theorising” I stumbled across ‘this is not a conspiracy theory‘ recently… the first instalment seems intriguing. I’m tempted to cough up US$12 to find out where it goes. The main premise is that it’s a complex systemic issue. There is nobody at the helm; the systems we have made (institutions, technologies, systems of law etc) guide and control us. The real problem being that the resulting gestalt is not human…


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