Scotland – Cloudy with a chance of…

Sunshine… certainly. Evidence of that to follow shortly (i.e. tomorrow). For now, however, here are some examples of other delights and/or dangers to be faced by motorists north of the border: Roadworks… in the middle of nowhere (Laxford Bridge – and they were not joking): DSCF1803 Golfballs… on BAltman Isle (near Inverness): golfballs Squirrels… in pine forests: redsqirrels Frogs… Near Achmelvich (NW coast): frog Otters… outside Kirkwall (Orkney): otter crossing Tw@tts… near Skara Brae (Orkney): twatt Tomorrow, from my recent trip around the NW of Scotland (which is how I became aware of all of the above), I will post the panoramic photos I produced with the co-operation of my nephew Miles Johnston, who has spliced them together for me (as I do not have a Smartphone) using Adobe Photoshop.


About Rick Altman

Possibly just another 'Climate Cassandra' crying 'Wolf' in cyberspace. However, the moral of the old children's story is that the Wolf eventually turned up!
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2 Responses to Scotland – Cloudy with a chance of…

  1. Duncan says:

    I’m nae awa’ to bide awa’!


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