Heartland Institute’s idea of advertising

The Heartland Institute recently ran an insane and short-lived advertising campaign. This is my tribute:

Heartless and brainless

Heartless and brainless

For more background please see: http://climatecrocks.com/2012/05/04/heartland-institute-poster-fail/; and http://climatecrocks.com/2012/05/05/unabomber-bombs-heartland-cuts-and-runs-from-disastrous-billboards/.


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Possibly just another 'Climate Cassandra' crying 'Wolf' in cyberspace. However, the moral of the old children's story is that the Wolf eventually turned up!
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6 Responses to Heartland Institute’s idea of advertising

  1. Point very well made!


    • Rick Altman says:

      Thanks for these links, Jules. Donna Lafromboise is something of an enigma (and does not seem to allow comments on her blog). Having investigated the history of the IPCC myself, I am inclined to believ those who say it has consistently under-estimated the nature, scale and urgency of the problem we face and any attempt to say anything more realistic (i.e. pessimistic) has been vetoed by government representatives during the final external phase of report review. All of this is as per David Biello’s article in the Scientific American magazine in 2007: ‘Conservative Climate – Consensus document may understate the climate change problem’. Do you know or can you refer me to where Lafroimboise gets her conrarian views from?


  2. I read Donna’s book after borrowing it from the library, [my pub landlord is great at his job but will swallow almost anything and orders the most bizarre selection of books from the library] and it is a pretty dire read. Donna’s great discovery is that science research is carried out by graduates and some professors got their position years before obtaining a Phd, shock, horror, and worse, they help to write the IPCC reports. As someone who is in a relationship with a gifted woman who is both renowned in her field and a professor I know you don’t need to have a Phd to be an expert [she will get round to collecting one soon I am sure] but to the great web of denialists such a revelation is a tragedy that points to fraud on an international scale. The fact that science in other fields whether medicine or technology also follows this practice is completely overlooked. So Donna appears to have found notoriety and adoration amongst those ‘seekers of truth’ which I am sure is enough to harden anyone’s beliefs. According to her bio at google https://profiles.google.com/116698682371698041493/about she is a liberal freethinker who sees the free market as the solution, a liberal conservative perhaps; what is noticeable is her previous book based on her expertise in feminism was published by Penguin, Delinquent Teenager is a self published work through Amazon’s print on demand. I’ve used it and to have such a success is spectacular. Her feminism seems to have taken a contrarian approach early in her career but I wonder if this is more to do with personality that has found a new cause in climate denial. Producing another blog [for instance] that took the mainstream view is never going to have the same following as a denial website and some people just need to be heard and if that means spouting rubbish and believing it then it seems to be a small price to pay. I ended up on her website today because of Bonkers, sorry Booker’s Telegraph column that rehashed WWF myths, Amazongate, Donna’s book and the usual nonsense to where I felt I should at least go through each false statement and correct it. I was happy to find that Heartland had scored yet another ‘own goal’


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